“We are a back to basics, a life less complicated touring outfitter celebrating those who love nature, enjoy being active outdoors and embrace the simple life.”

Tampa Bay WaterSports is all about fun and adventure with a level of purposeful meaning included in everything we do.  We lead responsible tours to natural areas that promote bio-cultural diversity with the intention to help protect the natural and cultural heritage of our beautiful region.  Our tours are about achieving greater understanding and appreciation for nature and the local history of Tampa Bay, Florida.

Observing nature, studying history, viewing wildlife are all constant reminders that it is the simplest things in life that reward us with the most memorable experiences.   That it is truly the small things, the simple things in life that matter.  Less is definitely more and we believe that one of the best ways to explore and enjoy life is experiencing the outdoors on something that floats; be it a boat, a kayak or stand up paddle board.  ‘Tampa Bay WaterSports’  symbolizes that spirit of freedom and fun.